Some incredible scenes recorded on camera

During the second Test match between Pakistan and Australia at the National Stadium in Karachi, a female fan offered a biryani to Australian cricketer Smith.
During the first day’s play of the second Test at the National Stadium in Karachi, spectators celebrate the return of the Cricket Australian team to Karachi by joking on various placards.

The spectators also thanked the visiting Australian team and shared their messages for the Australian cricketers.

A fan in the Hanif Mohammad enclosure asked Australian cricketer Smith on a placard, “Hey Smith, can I have your signed shirt?”

Disappointed with the result in Rawalpindi, another fan in the same enclosure made an apparent demand by displaying the slogan “We Want Result.”

There were also some offers from the fans to the Australian cricketers. A female fan invited Smith to eat biryani.

The placard in the woman’s hand read, “Smith! Come to dinner; my mother makes the best biryani.”

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