Stranger at Brother’s Grave

On August 1, 1947, a group of children went to sea for camping in Britain. They had to spend the night there. Among them was 12-year-old Calles Smith, who lived in a village in England. And he was pleased about his camping trip. But alas, this was the last day of Calls’ life. Soon they all realized that the calls were missing. They started looking for him. Then their eyes fell on the calles which were drowning in the sea. The calles went to the sea to swim, but unfortunately, this child drowned. He was immediately pulled out of the sea. But alas, by then, it was too late, and he was dead. Callus was a prevalent child in his village.

Therefore, his death was a shock not only to his family but to the entire village. But this tragic incident started a very fantastic story. The truth of which came to light 70 years later. What was that reality? Watch the video to find out.

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