Thank God, Javed Chaudhry

If you want to have strong faith in Allah Ta’ala throughout your life, feel Allah’s grace, kindness and mercy and understand His interests, then I suggest you keep this incident in your wallet.

  And read it at least once a day; no pain in life will hurt you. Allah Ta’ala usually sends a minor calamity to his beloved people to save them from a big calamity. The same thing happened with the Clark family. Mr. and Mrs. Clark both worked and had nine children; their income and expenses were low, and obviously, life was not very beautiful under these conditions. These people were also spending their days in hardship

Mr. Clark discovered that America is a “gold mine” for the whole world. Europe’s poor, needy, and impoverished people came to America and became the owners of big mines, farmhouses, factories, and animal enclosures.

And live like royal families. Mr. and Mrs. Clark also decided to go to America and try their luck.

Nine children and two spouses required a decent amount of capital and what they earned after twelve hours of hard work.

During that time, ships used to leave from eight major European ports and reach America in three to six months.

Mr. and Mrs. Clark decided to go to America anyway; they estimated the money, started overtime, reduced food, stopped buying winter clothes, and borrowed money from friends and relatives.

  Sold the only piece of native land, mortgaged the house, and thus after two years of continuous effort, collected enough money to enable these people to reach Los Angeles.

It was the great day of Mr. Clarke’s life when he went to the port, put the money on the counter, and bought tickets for eleven people to travel in the third class compartment of the ship.

The whole family was happy to see this ticket. Friends began their farewell parties, and the Clark family packed their belongings and resigned from their jobs, but three days before departure, the Clark family ran into a small problem.

And this accident became the worst problem of his life the next day.

A child of the Clarke family went to his friend’s house that evening to say goodbye. He was on his way back when a stray dog bit him. Mr. Clarke took him to the doctor.

The doctor amputated the child’s arm but at the same time declared him to be a “dog bite” patient. At that time, it was a tradition in Scotland that the doctor would put a yellow sticker on the main door of the house of dangerous patients.

This chit meant that the patient was still under examination and could not leave the house until the doctor gave permission. The doctor also put a yellow mat on the door of the Clark family.

The Clarke family could not go to America after this chat. It was a fatal shock for the Clarke family. They felt like the sky was slowly melting like a burning candle and falling on their wounds.

Mr. and Mrs. Clark blamed their son for this crisis. They scolded him badly. The next day, Mr. Clark went to return the ticket.

Mr. Clarke was devastated. On the day the ship was due to leave the port, Mr. Clarke, his wife, and eight children arrived and cried for a long time as they watched the ship go into deep waters.

The coming days proved to be more terrifying for the family – the house was mortgaged, the land was sold. The job was over, and dear relatives and friends were teasing them, saying, “when are you going to America?” These circumstances made Mr. Clarke’s entire family suffer from severe depression.

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