Thursday, September 21, 2023

The main actors of Kurulus: Osman also died

During the devastating earthquake in Turkey, the leading actor of the famous Turkish drama Kurulus: Osman also died buried under the debris along with his wife.
According to media reports, Çağdaş Çankaya and his wife, Zilan Tigris, are also among the thousands of people who died under the rubble of the earthquake.
Çağdaş Çankaya played the role of an essential soldier of the Konya Palace in the popular Turkish drama series Osman Ghazi aka Kurulush Osman, based on Islamic conquests.

The production company Bozdag Film confirmed the death of Çağdaş Çankaya and his musician wife, Zialan, on Instagram. The production company shared a picture of both the husband and wife, expressed regret, and prayed for forgiveness.

On the other hand, aid workers in Turkey pulled more people out of the earthquake’s rubble on Monday, February 13, but hopes are fading that more survivors will be found in the affected areas.

Martin Griffiths, head of the UN aid team, has said he expects the death toll to reach at least 50,000. At least 29,605 people have been confirmed dead in Turkey so far, including it in the list of 10 deadliest earthquakes. More than 3,500 people have also been killed in Syria, where the death toll was not yet updated as of Friday. According to Turkey’s disaster authority, AFAD, in the same area between last Monday and Saturday. About 2,000 more aftershocks have been felt.

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