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The Unforgettable Story of Ihsanullah

Ihsanullah has recently become the favorite of Pakistani cricket fans due to his brilliant bowling in the main PSL eight. Multan Sultans represented him in this year’s PSL season. If we talk about his bio, he was born on Friday, 11 October 2002, in Khyber Agency, Pakistan. Ihsanullah age, wife, net worth, weight, height, career, family, and photos biography will be detailed here. And also get information about all the important achievements or accomplishments of Ihsanullah.

In a place with many fast bowlers, someone who bowls at a speed of mid-140 km/h isn’t considered very special. However, Ihsanullah, who can bowl even faster, is starting to catch people’s attention with his skill of breaking the stumps. He plays for the Multan Sultans team and is known for bowling the fastest ball in PSL. He might also end up taking the most wickets in the tournament.

The story of Ihsanullah’s cricket journey began in a small village called Matta, located in the hilly terrain of the Swat Valley in Pakistan. Four years ago, his uncle was invited to watch him play a game of cricket with a tape ball on a well-rolled pitch near a river. Ihsanullah, obsessed with speed, bowled so fast that he shattered the stump behind the batsman. This impressed his family, who believed he had an exceptional talent to be nurtured. They sent him to coaches who could help him develop his skills further.

Ihsanullah 1st cricket trail:-

The story is about a boy his uncle invited to play cricket in a village. He bowled so well that his family thought he was special and needed to be trained. His father took him to a cricket trial organized by Pakistan Cricket Board in Mardan. The journey was difficult because they had to travel through mountains and they got delayed. When they arrived, a scout from PCB gave the boy a chance to show his skills. The boy was nervous, but he prayed and gave his best. The speed measuring machine showed that he bowled at 140 kph, which was fast.

View Photos of Ihsanullah with His Family:-

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