The unfortunate son Arsalan’s violence against his mother, the other side of the picture

The worst violence and naked abuse of his mother by an unfortunate man, his wife also stood by and incited him to torture.
According to the details, the son tortured his mother in the worst possible way and kept abusing his mother. His wife also stood with her husband and incited him to violence.

The wife of the abusive mother explained the incident and said that my husband was suffering from asthma۔ My mother-in-law attacked my husband’s private parts and she kept hitting his private parts and not leaving his private parts which caused him to faint.


The victim’s wife added that they wanted to abort my child and were beating my one-and-a-half-year-old daughter. When my husband regained consciousness and saw me being tortured, he came to my rescue in self-defense.

The woman further said that these mother and daughter broke our cars, hid our jewelery, hid our stamps, ID cards and other papers, broke every single thing in my room, broke our TV, even hid my baby’s milk.

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