Tik Tok Star Zeba Gull leaked photos, video and actual facts

Zeba Gulle’s leaked video goes viral? Social media users are claiming that a private video of Tik Tok star Zeba Gulle (Zeba Gul) has been leaked. Many social media users are sharing an intimate video of a girl and claiming that the girl in the video is a Tik Tok star Zeba Gulle. See screenshots below.

A Twitter user ‘Isha’, who is well known for sharing Tik Tok stars and actresses’ leak scandals, shared some photos of Zeba Gulle and wrote: The tweet reads: Uploading Zeba Gulle scandal video.


Many youtube channel holders also claim the same stance on Zeba Leaked Video on their channels. Watch the screen shot below :-

Real Facts Behind Ziba Gulley Leaked Video

The viral video on Social Media (allegedly a Zeba Gulle video leak) shows a beautiful girl, much like Zeba Gulle, involved in an intimate act. Although the alleged girl has very close resemblance to Tik Tok star Zeba Gulle, it is confirmed that she was not Zeba Gulle and the claims of ‘Zeba Gulle leaked video scandal’ are false.

Watch the Actual and Read viral video of Ziba Gulley, below.

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