Tik Toker Silent Girl Leaked Video | Bawa G Sialkot Viral Video

According to the details, after Alex Bhatti, Yashal Khan, Ali Hyderabadi and Nadeem Naniwala, another famous Tik Tok star Silent Girl’s bad video has also been leaked. Silent Girl (Silnt Girl) is famous for her dialogue “Bawa Ji Sialkot” on Tik Tok. Her Tik Tok Id is “(TikTok ID: @silentgirl0.”

Now, let’s move on the purported video of the silent girl. A video titled “Bawaji Sialkot” is going viral on social media, which people are sharing in large numbers. In this video, Silent Girl can be seen lying on the bed, making her film. And the Silent Girl is dressed inappropriately. Watch the video below.

Regarding the video above, it has not yet been confirmed by any source that the Silent Girl leaked video is real or a girl with a similar face. However, most people on social media say that this video of Silent Girl is real. Silent Girl has not commented since the video surfaced.


Check out some of her videos from Silent Girl’s Instagram account and TikTok account


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