Tik Tok’s partner and his friends gang-ra-pe Tik Tok girl in Lahore

LAHORE: A Lahore girl (tik tok star Maryam Fayyaz) was allegedly gang-ra-ped by three boys, including her ‘partner’ (a tik tok star named Shiraz). Get in touch with the popular Tic Tac Toe video sharing app. They both linked through the popular Tik Tok video sharing app.


In her police complaint, the girl stated that she had befriended a boy name Shiraz through the famous video app Tik Tok almost 20 days ago and later she reached the Samanabad Lahore area after calling him for next Tik Tok video project. She added that Shiraz asked him to sit in his car where two men were also sitting.

The tik-tok girl claims that these three boy gang-ra-ped her at gunpoint inside the car.

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