Sunday, October 1, 2023

Why Haris Rouf apologized to his wife?

Pakistani cricketer and fast bowler Haris Rauf tied the knot with his classmate Muzna Masood Malik last week. His wife’s wedding photos and videos are viral on social media.

Haris Rauf can also be seen apologizing to his wife in a video. Haris Rauf, the national cricket team’s fast bowler, explained the picture of him apologizing to his wife in his wedding photo shoot. Why was he apologizing to his wife in the photo shoot?

Haris Rauf replied smilingly, “It was not my fault, but the one who was shooting took the picture at the wrong time.”

Earlier, Haris Rauf shared an important message about his wife on social media. Haris Rauf addressed his fans and followers on Twitter to say that his wife, Muzna Masood Malik, is not using any social media platform.

Haris Rauf has written in his tweet, ‘ Hello everyone; I want to clarify that my wife Muzna Masood Malik is not on any social media platform; Muzna does not have an official account. Haris Rauf further said in the social media message that please be careful of deception; thank you very much for all your prayers and good wishes.

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