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Afzal Khan weeps to recall his mother’s last moments

Afzal Khan, also known as Jan Rambo, is a famous actor in Pakistan. He was very popular in the 1990s. Despite being a tough actor on screen, he is a sensitive and emotional person. Afzal Khan loved his family and was a caring and loving son to his mother. He remembers his mother being very happy with him. In an interview with Alief TV, Afzal Khan recently talked about the last moments he spent with his mother. It was a very emotional moment for him, and he started crying while talking about it.

Regarding his mother’s last moments, Afzal Khan shared that when she was admitted to the hospital, she would call him more frequently than usual. Once, she even told him, “Your work won’t end; I will die.” These words touched Afzal Khan deeply, and he immediately finished his work and went to Islamabad with his wife and children. He talked to his mother a lot in the hospital, and she felt better when he left at night. However, her condition worsened the next morning, and they had to shift her to another hospital. The family was with her until her last moments, and they had hoped she would recover as she had before during her hospital stays. During this time, many relatives came to support them.

As her condition worsened, her blood pressure dropped, and she started talking to her family continuously until her last breath. Afzal Khan asked her if she needed anything, and she requested him to recite two Rakaat. He prayed for her and even took her outside in a wheelchair to ease her discomfort. When he realized she was close to passing away, he recited the Kalma with her, and she echoed it back in a slightly louder voice. As he shared these memories, Afzal Khan became emotional, reflecting his deep love for his mother.

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