Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Photos of folk singer Arif Lohar with his wife and children

Arif Lohar’s wife died after a long battle with a dangerous disease, which profoundly affected him and his children.

After the death of his wife, Arif Lohar released the first video message with his sons in which he spoke about his wife’s sacrifices and thanked people for their love and affection.

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The video begins by Arif Lohar saying that, as you all know, my wife passed away suddenly from a heart attack. He further said that he passed away on the 27th of Ramadan, a matter of great happiness.

We all had food together. The kids really loved their mom. She would say, “If I’m not here, can you live without me? But you have to live for the kids. I need to take care of them, and they should love their parents.”

Everyone showed me a lot of love. Arif Lohar, a famous folk singer, said that my loved ones and all the other artists share my sadness with me. He also mentioned that my family had done much for the country and had always been recognized for their achievements. Arif Lohar requested his fans recite Durood Pak more and forgive his wife. In a video, he also mentioned that he would be back on screen soon. An illness that developed in his wife led to her admission to a private hospital.

Since his condition had worsened earlier, he was put on a ventilator yesterday, but unfortunately, he couldn’t recover. At the Shah Farid graveyard, her close family members and residents attended the funeral service for Arif Lohar’s wife.

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