Sunday, July 14, 2024

Atiqa Odho Biography – Untold Story

Model, Actress, Host, Make Artist, Social Worker, Social Personality and Politician Atiqa Odho has numerous references to her caste. Not only that but also in terms of social status, she lives in the spotlight. We all hear that it is challenging to handle beauty and wealth, that’s why she also remains controversial.No one thought that an innocent girl would become so contentious that she will face one failure after another in her marriage. Atiqa Odho was born in 1968 in Karachi. She belonged to a wealthy Sindhi family. Her grandfather was the chief of Jacobabad. She was educated in Karachi and had all the comforts of life. But at the age of 15, She was married. Atiqa was a mentally independent girl who rebelled against tradition. The result was that the marriage broke down six years later.

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