Monday, July 22, 2024

Dr Affan’s Dark Side: Patient Exposes Disturbing Truth

Discover the brilliance of Dr. Affan Qaiser, a highly regarded Pakistani doctor known for his impactful health awareness videos, motivational speeches, and addressing social issues. With viral podcasts on his YouTube channel, Dr. Affan captivates audiences. His wife, Nazish, is an esteemed oncologist, further contributing to their collective expertise. Trustworthy and respected, Dr. Affan Qaiser enjoys a strong reputation in the medical field.

Recently, a video about Dr. Affan Qaiser has been circulating on Facebook. The video features a patient from District Vehari who shares their experience and reveals the truth about Dr. Affan Qaiser after seeking consultation from him.

In a recent incident concerning Dr. Affan Qaiser, a patient shared their experience, stating, “I visited Dr. Affan Qaiser for a check-up from District Vehari. Upon arriving at his hospital, the doctor’s staff immediately suggested tests and an ultrasound. Unfortunately, we did not have the opportunity to meet Dr Affan Qaiser personally, yet we were charged a hefty fee of ten thousand rupees. When Dr Affan Qaiser finally arrived, he quickly asked about my issue and mentioned being in a rush as he already had a patient under anaesthesia. Shockingly, he called his guards, who forcefully expelled us from the hospital. Dr Affan Qaiser, I am addressing you directly: you may portray yourself as a saintly and humble person on Facebook, but this incident reveals a different reality.” For further details, please refer to the video shared on a Facebook page.

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