Thursday, June 13, 2024

Uncovering the Hidden Societies Where Men are Forbidden and Women Reign Supreme

The name “Noiva do Cordeiro” translates to “Bride of the Lamb” and refers to a neighbourhood in Brazil. About 600 women make up this settlement, which is located in a rural region of southeast Brazil.

Maria Senhorinha de Lima, who was excommunicated from the Catholic Church for leaving her husband and moving in with another man, formed the community in the late 19th century. She then relocated to the region where the current community is situated and started luring additional women who were similarly shunned by society for various reasons.

The community is noted for its matriarchal system today, where women make all the decisions and males have little role in day-to-day activities. Men are not entirely forbidden from residing in society, though, and those who do so must abide by its laws and traditions.

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