Thursday, June 13, 2024

Ismat Tahira Legend TV Actress Biography – Untold Story

Ismat Tahira was a famous and experienced Pakistani actress. Who also worked in many fields in radio in the ’80s. Apart from radio, she also earned money by working in a television and advertising agency. Unlike successful showbiz, Ismat Tahira was not very successful in her real life and got divorced after a few years of marriage. But despite the divorce, she worked tirelessly to support her children. She once said in a radio interview that her husband was educated but never fulfilled his household responsibilities. Due to this, I had to go out of the house to find a job.

Ismat Tahira left acting in the mid-1990s and moved to Canada with her family. Ismat Tahira has five daughters and a son. Three of these children are well-known artists in the showbiz industry.
Ismat Tahira’s two famous daughters are working in the showbiz industry, one is named actress Isra Ghazal, and the other is named actress Ushna Shah.

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