Sunday, July 14, 2024

Khalid Hafeez (Shameem Sahab) Biography – Guest in House with Jan Rambo

The popular comedy-drama “Guest House” of the past in Pakistan became very popular in the nineties. The play became very popular, and the actors who acted in the play became famous, Which people still remember today.

The play first started in 1991 and was directed by Khalid Rauf. In Drama. Guest House is run by Mr. Shamim and his wife with three permanent employees, Naveed, Murad, and Rambo.

In today’s video we were introduced to the artist to play the role of Shamim Sahab, the owner of the guest house. His real name is Khalid Hafeez. John Rambo met Khalid Hafeez and saved some great moments in the video.

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