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Naheed Akhtar Biography and untold story

Naheed Akhtar is the most beautiful and sweetest singer of the past, who said goodbye to the music industry at the height of her career.

There are very few artists who give up such an extensive career at the height of their jobs just for personal reasons.

One of them is Naheed Akhtar; she is still alive but living a domestic life away from the showbiz industry.

It is said that after Madam Noor Jahan in the film industry, the singer who achieved success as a playback player was Naheed Akhtar.

Ordinary girl born in Multan who was very fond of singing and because of this passion she reached Radio Pakistan Multan and started her artistic journey from the radio. Because of her excellent voice and maturity, the musicians kept giving her a chance.

And she stayed connected to the radio for two years. One such famous music director Mohammad Ashraf heard her voice, and as soon as he listened to the voice of Naheed, he knew that she would become a great singer of the future.

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