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Photos of Wasim Badami celebrating his birthday with his mother

People regard Waseem Badami as one of the top TV hosts and anchors in Pakistan’s news and media industry. His association with ARY News for a considerable amount of time has made him a prominent figure in the country’s TV industry.

Waseem Badami’s charm and charisma as a TV anchor are well-known, despite his relatively young age. In addition to his political programs, he has amassed a large following on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook due to his Islamic programs.

Waseem Badami currently hosts the evening program “11th Hour” exclusively.

The renowned TV anchor, Waseem Badami, recently shared some stunning photos on social media. The pictures captured the beautiful moments he spent celebrating his birthday with his mother at sea.

Waseem Badami revealed that he prefers to celebrate his birthday exclusively with his mother, as he feels everyone else already celebrates it.

Waseem Badami will be 37 years old in 2022; he was born in 1985 in Karachi, Pakistan. He married a beautiful woman named Mahira Fatima. Waseem Badami completed his education at Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Foundation of Science and Innovation Karachi, Pakistan.

Waseem Badami Skills:-

He is known for his captivating hosting style, which can engage viewers of all ages and backgrounds, and his outstanding command of the Urdu language. Another key strength is his ability to discuss complex issues in an easily digestible format.
Furthermore, his focus on religion-related topics, particularly Islam, has gained him a significant following in Pakistan and abroad. He has also demonstrated a keen interest in social issues, and his shows have provided a platform for marginalized communities to share their stories and struggles.
Overall, Waseem Badami’s versatility, strong communication skills, and commitment to addressing essential topics make him a unique and valuable asset to the media industry in Pakistan.

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