Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Rani Mukerji Reunites with Long-Lost Parents

Actress Rani Mukerji stated that someone exchanged her at birth with another child. According to Indian media, Rani Mukherjee mentioned in an old interview that a really intriguing incident transpired in the hospital during her birth.

“When the actress was born, someone switched her with a baby girl from a Punjabi family in the hospital. Her mother, Krishna Rani Mukerji, realized the switch and started making noise in the hospital, declaring that the baby was not hers. She pointed out that her daughter had brown eyes, while the baby in her arms did not.”

According to Mukerji, her mother searched for her in the hospital and eventually found her in the room of a Punjabi family who had just welcomed their eighth child. Mukerji recounted that the family members joked with her that she belonged with them, despite not being related by blood. Despite the amusing backstory, Mukerji’s reunion with her mother was heartwarming and captivated fans worldwide.

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