Saturday, July 13, 2024

Red shirt Village Pakistani girl with her Friend Leaked Video

The video of the girl in the red shirt is currently being widely shared on social media, video websites and WhatsApp groups. The girl in the red shirt (ریڈ شرٹ) is also trending on Twitter. Some people are sharing photos of the red shirt girl , some screen shots and some people are sharing videos of red shirt girl. In this video, a girl in a red shirt is wearing a face mask. And she’s dancing on a song for her friend.
In another video clip, a friend of a red shirt girl comes to her and then they hug each other. There is a lot of search on social media about the red shirt girl. And those who have seen the pictures of the red shirt girl. They are asking their friends for videos of this girl.

Below screen shot is an example:-

There is an account on Twitter with “RIMAL ALI” ID. She has shared this video on his account.

Research has shown that the red shirt girl videos has two parts. We have shared a part above in which you can see this girl dancing. While we can’t share the second part because it contains immoral activities, it is not possible to share this video. But if you search for “red shirt girl” on Twitter, you will find the second part of this video.

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