Thursday, June 13, 2024

Son Ahmed Shahrooz killed actress mother (Samina Khattak) in the name of honor

(City 42) A new atmosphere of fear has been created in the city due to the horrific incidents of murder. It has not been safe for women to leave their homes. In these horrific incidents, women as well as children are unsafe. A local actress from Lahore was killed by her own son.

Police arrested the accused, his son Ahmed Shahrooz, while recording a statement to the police, said that he stabbed his mother to death in the name of honor. Samina Khattak alias Nina Ali was living alone in her house in Hanjarwal area of Lahore. Her son suspected that her mother was having an illicit affair with someone. In anger, his own son Ahmed Shahrooz killed his mother and fled. People were amazed at the murder of the actress. How did such a big event happen all of a sudden?

Investigating, the police found out that the actress was killed by her son. While pursuing the accused, they recovered the accused along with a murder weapon. Committed the verb According to local police, Samina Khattak had two marriages and divorced both her husbands.

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