Friday, May 17, 2024

Tik Toker Nayyab Kiani’s video leaked by Hareem Shah

Tik Tok star Nayyab Kiani’s video leaked has revealed Hareem Shah and his nefarious business. “Hareem Shah improperly edited my pictures and blackmailed me by threatening to make them viral. She demanded money and said if I don’t want her to make my pictures viral then pay me.” Find out what accused Nayyab Kiani said about Hareem Shah in her video. Watch the Nayab video below.

Explaining the details in her video, Nayyab Kiani said that a few days ago she received a direct message from Hareem Shah’s official Tik Tok account in which she demanded huge amount of money from her. She (Hareem Shah) has sent me several fake and inappropriate pictures in a message and told me that if I don’t not pay her, she is going to viral my fake inappropriate pictures.

Nayyab Kiani said that while talking to her, Hareem Shah was cleverly deleting her messages to erase the evidence of her blackmail and my nasty pictures. But Nayyab Kiani was wisely taking screenshots of each of her messages. See screenshots below.

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