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Vasay Chaudhry’s most epic family photos

Vasay Chaudhry is a preeminent television program host in contemporary Pakistan, commanding a substantial following through his widely-popular program ‘Mazaq Raat.’ However, it may surprise some that Mr. Chaudhry, beyond his on-screen endeavors, possesses exceptional prowess as a writer in the Pakistani film industry, with two of the industry’s top three films to his name.

In his personal life, Mr. Chaudhry is blessed with a lovely wife and cherishes the joys of parenthood with his offspring. Below, we present a selection of photographs capturing glimpses of Mr. Chaudhry and his family.

The luminary actress Mahesh Hayat, renowned for her contributions to the Pakistan Showbiz Industry, expressed her disapproval towards television host Vasay Chaudhry for his disparaging remarks aimed at her fellow actor, Ahmed Ali Butt, concerning his physical stature.

During the episode of ‘Panic is Forbidden’, hosted by Mr. Chaudhry, Ms. Hayat made various inquiries during her appearance on the show.

Mehwish Hayat, a well-known Pakistani actress, recently appeared on a TV show called “Ghabrana Mana Hai” hosted by Vasay Chaudhry.

Chaudhry asks Mehwish to choose a character from the Turkish drama ‘Ertugrul Ghazi’ that she would like to see if a similar drama was made in Pakistan. Mahwish mentioned Humayun Saeed and Fahad Mustafa in response.

Chaudhry then asked which Pakistani actor could play the roles of Turgut and Bamsi, two companions of Ertugrul. Mahwish suggested Ahmed Ali Butt, but Chaudhry made a joke about Butt’s weight, which angered Mahwish. She reminded him that Butt had lost a lot of weight and that making fun of someone’s weight was inappropriate.

Outside of his TV hosting work, Chaudhry is married and enjoys spending time with his family. Below are some pictures of Chaudhry and his family.

The incident with Mahwish and Chaudhry has garnered attention in the media, with many people criticizing Chaudhry’s joke about Ahmed Ali Butt’s weight!

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