Friday, May 17, 2024

Waqar Zaka and Jannat Mirza quarrel over Tik Tok

Whenever an app is banned in Pakistan, Waqar Zaka has always been at the forefront to un-ban it. Some time ago, the PUBG game was banned by the Pakistan government. After this, Waqar Zaka raised his voice on social media to unban the PUBG game and went to court and fought the case with his own money. Therefore, most of the credit is given to Waqar Zaka after PUBG un-banned.

The Pakistani government recently banned Tik Tok for its obscene and religiously hateful content. But this time, Waqar Zaka did not raise any voice to make Tik Tok un-banned but made fun of it by making reaction videos on Pakistani Tik Tokers. When Waqar Zaka made a reaction video on Jannat Mirza and made fun of her, Jannat Mirza became very angry. Since then, a fierce battle has started on social media between Jannat Mirza and Waqar Zaka.

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