Thursday, June 13, 2024

Actor Rashid Mahmood’s young son’s tragic death

Meesha shared her thoughts on how the death of a young child can be a traumatic experience for parents, leaving a constant burden on their hearts. Rashid Mehmood, an accomplished actor dedicated to the entertainment industry, started his career as a broadcaster with Radio Pakistan. His work has received numerous accolades, including the Pride of Performance award. However, last year, he was paid only Rs 620 for his appearance on state television, which caused outrage in the industry.

Azhar was a handsome young man who had the opportunity to enter the world of drama and modelling, but he declined these offers. Rashid Mahmood, Azhar’s father, had asked him to try it out once, but Azhar refused, saying he didn’t want to go into a field where he didn’t feel a sense of ownership.

Tragically, Azhar passed away at age 26 due to a heart attack. The day before his death, Rashid Mahmood had picked him up from the airport and taken photos together.

On the evening of Azhar’s passing, he had told his father to quit his job. Rashid Mahmood said he had always worked for Azhar and would continue to do so. However, Azhar insisted that he would take care of everything from now on. Azhar suddenly collapsed into his father’s arms as he spoke and passed away.

Since that night in 2013, Rashid Mahmood has been unable to move on from the devastating loss of his son. The grief of Azhar’s death remains with him today, affecting every breath he takes.

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