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Bathing with hot or cold water has its advantages and disadvantages

Bathing is a blessing that gives us purity, has many good effects on our body and mind and refreshes us. Bathe with cold water.

This article will discuss the exciting benefits of cold and hot water bathing and how the water’s temperature rises and falls affect our bodies.

Fresh and cold water

People who like to shower with hot water in the morning in the cold are usually afraid of the shock of cold water hitting the body and wastewater by turning on the hot water faucet in the shower until it is warm enough.

Experts say that when cold water falls on the body during the morning bath, the body gets a shock, and this shock increases the oxygen intake of the body and increases the heart rate and the nerves at once. Itchy doctors say that if the skin is itchy due to dryness, bathing with cold water relieves the itchiness.

Bathing with hot or cold water has its advantages and disadvantages in Urdu:-

Cold water stimulates blood circulation

This is the most critical benefit of a cold water bath in the morning. That is why experts recommend a fresh and cold water bath in the morning because cold water lowers the skin’s temperature, improving the blood flow under the skin. The temperature rises to keep ordinary, the body begins to get adequate oxygenation with the blood, and the body and mind become numb.

Obesity is reduced

The stored fat in our body, predominantly brown fat, melts and produces heat, and when the body tolerates cold water in the cold, this fat, found near the neck and shoulders, starts burning and reduces obesity.

Good for skin and hair

If you have dry skin and hair, hot water will increase the dryness, while cold water tightens your skin’s pores and affects the blood circulation beneath them, making the skin more vibrant and healthy. As a result, the roots of the hair are stronger on the scalp, and the hair becomes thicker.

Note: In winter, if you are suffering from a cold, flu, cough and fever, etc., then cold water will not be helpful for you because cold water in a fever will weigh heavily on your immunity and increase your complaint.

Bathing with warm water and its benefits

If you don’t sleep early at night, a bath with warm water removes the tiredness of the whole day from the body, makes it calm, and deepens sleep, so experts recommend a bath with warm water at night.

Removes seasonal infections

In seasonal diseases like colds and coughs, a hot water bath acts as a remedy; it opens the body’s pores and facilitates air entry into the body, expelling the stagnant mucus in the respiratory tract. It makes breathing easier and reduces the symptoms of illness.

For sugar, nerves, and muscles

Hot water on the body reduces stress and mental and nervous tension, and according to a study, it reduces blood sugar levels by 10% 2 hours after a meal. And if bathed with warm water after exercise, it is very beneficial for diabetic patients.

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