Sunday, July 14, 2024

Even if the actresses wear bold clothes, it has nothing to do with rape, Amna Ilyas

Pakistan’s famous actress and model Amna Ilyas, who is known for her outspokenness on social issues, has repeatedly raised the issue and endured criticism. Now she has come out in support of her position on rape.

In her interview with a foreign news agency, Amna Ilyas said that the impression that actresses’ semi-nude clothes or bold roles incite men to rape is completely wrong. A rapist doesn’t need to take such a step just by watching something on TV or mobile.

The actress said that the fact is that men who do this are mentally ill. Because even when there was no TV and media, girls and women were abused. Therefore, linking this issue with actors and artists is clearly wrong and based on false propaganda.

He said that if there is a picture on social media in which the dress of an actress is bold, then people comment that the actress is inciting people to rape, so she should be sent home. The problem is that if you send your artists home, people will start watching Bollywood and Hollywood and it will only hurt your artist and not anyone else.

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