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Imran Nazir family, home and lifestyle

On a sunny winter morning, I met Imran Nazir, a prominent player of the Pakistan cricket team. He had been a part of the 2007 and 2012 World Cup squads. Imran Nazir tied the knot with his lovely wife, Amber Hafeez, in 2009, and they are now happily enjoying life together. They have three beautiful children.

We sat at the National Cricket Academy near Gaddafi Stadium during our meeting. Imran Nazir donned a Lahore Qalandars T-shirt, symbolizing his association with the popular Pakistan Super League (PSL).

Like the emergence of sunlight after a storm, the sight of a former Pakistani batsman casually seated in a plastic chair, with the black cape flipped to the front and shoulders relaxed, exudes a vibrant aura of positivity. However, merely five years ago, such adaptability would have been beyond their imagination.

“I couldn’t utilize my hands,” he remarks, expressing his inability to flex his fingers fully as they were rigid and stiff. Yet, here I am now, sitting in front of you, actively practicing cricket.”

“I’ve been away from the field for five years,” he added. “I wanted to return to the field, but then I realized that if I went, I would witness others playing while I couldn’t, and that feeling was simply unbearable.”

During his early years, Imran, a talented player in the under-19 category, earned his spot in the national team during the 1999 Asian Test Championship. The former Pakistan opener achieved a remarkable feat by scoring his career-best of 160 runs against Zimbabwe in the 2007 World Cup. Nevertheless, he faced numerous challenges in maintaining consistency in his performance.

“God wrote everything that has happened,” the speaker says, “and I am grateful to the Lord of the universe for keeping me content even during trying times.” I was pleased for those five years, never giving up on myself. A young man from a hamlet can make the Pakistani squad and become famous. Making a comeback in cricket is still possible if I can show the same level of commitment and effort that got me this far the first time.

When he felt wrist discomfort while playing in Dubai in 2013, that is when the sickness had its beginnings. Since it mainly ached when moving, he recalled, he originally paid little attention. When he finally sought medical help, a medical panel was suggested. “That’s when we realized there was a problem,”

Imran Nazir’s career-high score of 160 versus Zimbabwe in the 2007 World Cup was noteworthy. He also put up strong innings in ODIs in places like Australia and Sharjah.

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