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Mohammad Yousuf with his daughter in throwback pictures

Mohammad Yousuf, a Pakistani ex-cricketer and coach, used to represent the national cricket team of Pakistan as a Christian player prior to his conversion to Islam. Undoubtedly, Yousuf possessed an extraordinary talent for playing cricket, leading Pakistan to victory in multiple crucial matches with his exceptional batting skills. He retired from the sport in 2010.

Many people may not know that Yousuf used to belong to the Christian faith, but after being introduced to Islam, he converted to it. Nowadays, he is often seen preaching and offering prayers at cricket stadiums himself. Despite being a big cricket star, Yousuf has a humble personality and appears just like an ordinary person. He does not come across as a legend of Pakistan.

Following his conversion to Islam, Mohammad Yousuf encouraged his wife to convert and surprisingly accepted the invitation, changing her name to Fatima. These days, although Yousuf is not as visible in cricket as a player or coach, he remains actively engaged in religious pursuits.

Nevertheless, today’s article highlights an important message from Mohammad Yousuf, a former Pakistani cricketer, as he gave away his daughter (Rukhsat) in marriage. Yousuf tweeted, “My darling, your wedding day has come.” Yousuf covered his daughter’s face with a hijab, and the ceremony was very simple.

Nowadays, Yousuf is providing temporary services with the Pakistan cricket team. He works on improving the various skills of young players who are part of the National team. According to recent reports, Yousuf has taken a temporary leave of absence from the cricket board. The reason cited for this is the illness of his wife.

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