Thursday, June 13, 2024

Komal Aziz Khan finds her life abroad safer and more beautiful than in Pakistan

Pakistan’s innocent-looking cute actress Komal Aziz started her showbiz career in 2015. Since then, she has gradually made a name for herself in the industry due to her excellent acting. “Ishq-e-Benaam” is considered the best drama of her showbiz career, which was loved not only by Pakistan but also by people across the border. Komal Aziz has also won the Best Soap Advertising Actress award from Hum.

Recently, Komal Aziz shared some of her photos on her Instagram account while traveling to Princess Ireland for her fans.

A random person commented on this picture of Komal Aziz and criticized her harshly.

Komal Aziz also did not back down from responding to this comment and gave a strong response to the unjustified critic.

“I feel more secure abroad than in Pakistan,” Komal Aziz said in her reply. Because people here do their job, and there are far fewer people in abroad who hate and decide people’s lives than in Pakistan.

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