Friday, May 17, 2024

Terrible railway station in India where no train has stopped for 42 years

American Michael Mayer purchased a Caribbean island and gave citizenship to 300 individuals and dozens more.

They intend to create a brand-new “micro country” on an island with its own government, money, flag, and song. Another business founded by Myer is called Lets by Island. Michael Myer acquired a small, uninhabited island of one and a half acres and named it Coffee Kay after funding almost $2 million. The distance from the city of Bales is 15 minutes via boat.

When seen from above, the island resembles a coffee bean, thus the name “coffee.” It is quite tiny and has a short coastline. Mayer holds 32,200 shares of the island in reserve. 100 shares have already been sold. Moreover, many individuals have received invitations to invest. Small islands in the Philippines, Indonesia, and other countries have been listed by Michael, but many preferred the coyote and paid for it. On little islands all throughout the world, autonomous and sovereign states can be established. The Principality of Seychelles, which saw action off the British coast during World War II and attained independence in 1967, serves as the greatest illustration of this.

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