Terrible railway station in India where no train has stopped for 42 years

Michael Mayer, an American man, has bought an island in the Caribbean and invested 300 people in it with citizenship and dozens more.
They want to build a new ‘micro country’ on an island with its government, currency, flag, and national anthem. Myer has also set up a company called Lets by Island. After raising nearly 2.5 million, Michael Myer bought a small one-and-a-half-acre island and renamed it Coffee Kay, where no humans exist. It is a 15-minute boat ride from the city of Bales.

The coffee is that the island looks like a coffee bean when viewed from above. It is short, and its shores are very small. Mayer owns shares of the island and has set aside 32 3,200. So far, 100 shares have been sold. In addition, many people have been invited to invest. Michael has compiled a list of small islands in the Philippines, Indonesia, and other regions, but people liked the coyote and paid for it. In this way, independent and sovereign nations can be created on small islands worldwide. The best example of this is the Principality of Seychelles, which became a battleground off the British coast in World War II and gained independence in 1967. The trend is also growing.

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