Tuesday, May 28, 2024

I love you Bilawal, you will be our next Prime Minister, Tik Tok Hareem Shah

Controversial Tik Toker Hareem Shah, who has made a name for herself through various scandals on social media, has said that Bilawal Bhutto’s Urdu is unique. ۔

In a Tik Tok video, Hareem Shah sided with Bilawal Bhutto and said anyone could make mistakes. In the same way, there was some confusion in speaking to Bilawal. If we had read Surah Al-Hujurat, or we would have felt some shame, then How wrong it is to make fun of someone.

She said that none of us could speak good Urdu, and the mistake has been made by some politician or celebrity in every era. It is not right to make fun of it. Tik Tok Star said that Bilawal’s academic degree is international, due to which everyone makes fun of his Urdu, but man learns with time.

Hareem Shah also said that Bilawal Bhutto’s Urdu is the most unique in her view. We should be happy that a young and handsome man like Bilawal is coming forward in politics, and insha’Allah will be the Prime Minister of Pakistan in the future.

Responding to Bilawal’s critics, Hareem Shah said that the politicians who have made fun of Bilawal should be ashamed that they are getting fun of innocent Bilawal by holding such a high position. Those who are now learning expressed their desire to Bilawal by saying I love you and said they support him and will be the next Prime Minister.

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