Saturday, June 15, 2024

Rated anchors, funerals of civilization, and exploitation of innocent children

What does Baba do? My dad presses Mama’s feet. A few days ago, I heard an innocent little girl talking on social media. The female anchor of a web channel was talking to this innocent girl

The question was, what does your father do?

Similarly, in response to a question, the girl started doing bad things to her aunt, and then political questions began. Imran Khan, Nawaz Sharif, expensive oil. Today I saw again that the same female anchor had come to interview the girl again, and her younger brother was also present.

Ms. Anchor, while giving an interview without any manners, said that the interview taken from this girl a few days ago was so viral that there was a lot of fuss, and I thought to talk to her again today. Again the same question, what does Baba do? Press Mama’s feet; how many times do you press? Three times, how to press? The girl copies regularly; who does the housework? Dad, how do you kill Mama Baba? The girl shows by hitting with small hands.

End of the video, the same question is repeated to her younger brother, and then with a big laugh, the anchor asks if there are any crackers. I salute the parents who give birth to such funny kids.

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