Saturday, May 18, 2024

The cat suddenly came in front of the worshiper, then what happened that the worshiper hugged the cat?

You will have seen many videos and pictures on social media in which you can see unique and interesting scenes. These scenes are usually related to animals.

There is a viral video of militia on social media in which a cat and a person can be seen; something has happened between the two, which has caught everyone’s attention.

The young man belonging to the militia was praying in the mosque when a cat reached there, so when the cat saw the young man praying, it immediately came to the place of prayer and sat down.

The young man had made the intention of prayer, and when he saw that it was becoming difficult to prostrate, he did the prostration so that even the cat was not harmed.

In all this, the cat was sitting comfortably at the place of prayer; on the other hand, the young man started praying and fell in love with the cat. For some time, he loved the cat, but when he started to leave, he picked up the place of prayer that the cat had noticed.

Then the cat made him realize that he should not pick up the place of prayer because he is getting peace. But the young man began to pick up the place of prayer.

The cat also started pampering the young man and started telling him that maybe the young man would leave the place of prayer. But the young man loved the cat but picked up the place of prayer.

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