Friday, May 17, 2024

Why did Muslims give their breakfast to Sanjay Dutt in jail during Ramadan?

We are talking here about Baba of the Indian film industry. Yes, you are right. We are talking about Sanjay Dutt. He says that the time spent in jail was the most challenging.

But even there, people helped me in every possible way, especially the Muslims, because when they get hot tea in the jail at 4 a.m., they wake up all their Hindu friends, including me, and say that brother will drink hot tea. He must have gotten a little emotional while talking.

And why not the tea and food are given to the Muslims for sehri in fasting? They also gave it to their Hindu friend. This was their greatness because they knew that we are all one here, and they are brothers, and they should be served.

He also said that he learned to control himself in prison and did many things like gardening and making small bags of newspapers. My friend and I used to take 50 to 60 such bags a day for which we got 50 paise, and so when they became 500 a few days later, this amount would be the most significant in the world for me.

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