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C-sections are becoming more common these days for a number of reasons

Becoming a mother is a great privilege, and her first big decision is how to deliver her baby. The most safe delivery method is a normal delivery, but doctors are performing cesarean deliveries and major operations more often these days. Caesarean, also known as C-section. is a common but complicated procedure which can pose risks to the health of mother and child.

Reasons for more babies delivered by caesarean section.

Although cesarean delivery is widespread today and is generally safe, there are often more risks to childbirth than normal delivery. For this reason, normal delivery is not advised. But for medical reasons, it may be possible to schedule a cesarean delivery earlier.

Your doctor may recommend a cesarean delivery if your baby remains breech (inverted) even though you are close to your due date.

Risks of cesarean.

Anaemia occurs.

Organs may be damaged.

   Adverse reactions to anaesthesia may occur.

  Infection may occur.

  Blood clotting or blood clots.

In most parts of the developed world, cesarean section rates have increased over the past decades. The causes and consequences are much debated.There are both medical and non-medical (unexplained) factors which can contribute to the increased rate of cesarean sections.

Medical factors.

There is a possibility that your doctor will perform an emergency C- section during labour, or before your due date, depending on the circumstances.

Some common medical reasons for cesarean section are as follows.

Prolonged labour.

  When the mother is in labour for 20 hours or more, the doctor decides on a cesarean.

Children who are too big to be born.

The mouth of the uterus is small.

So all these factors can prolong labour. In these cases, doctors consider a caesarean section to avoid complications.

Having more than one child.

Carrying excess weight during pregnancy can bring various risks. This can lead to prolonged labour, which can make the mother uncomfortable. One or more babies may also be in an abnormal position. Either way, a cesarean is often the safest way to deliver.

A lump in the throat.

Prolapse of the umbilical cord occurs before the baby is born when it becomes trapped around the neck of the infant. This can reduce blood flow to the baby, putting the baby’s health at risk. This is a severe condition that requires an emergency caesarean section.

Findings from a study of maternal reasons for cesarean section.

Fear of labour pains

Worry about death

Fear of childbirth

Urinary incontinence

  Vaginal problems

Doctors recommendation

Time of birth

  First normal bad experience

Previous infertility


Avoid prolonged labour

Concerns about lack of support from staff

Emotional aspect

Baby’s body weight at birth

  Fear of prenatal exams is included.

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