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Unexplained Bruises can be early signs of 7 dangerous diseases

Bruises commonly appear on the skin following an internal injury. However, if you consistently wake up and notice nail marks on various parts of your body without any identifiable cause, it is important not to disregard them.

Reasons for getting bruises on the body

To determine the underlying causes of such unexplained bruises, it is advisable to consult a haematologist or a medical specialist in the field of haematology.

According to hematologists, besides injury-related bruises, various other factors can contribute to forming these marks on the body.

Lifting heavy weights

The blood vessels inside our body are very thin and delicate. Sometimes when we lift heavy weights. Therefore, these bruises are often a result of internal blood vessel ruptures, leading to the leakage of blood and the subsequent formation of blue marks on the skin.

It is also a sign that your blood vessels are very weak. But this condition is not dangerous and will get better with time.

Conjunctivitis caused by the use of certain medicines

Even with the side effects of some medicines, bruise formation starts in the body. These drugs may include anti-depressant, asthma, iron, and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Apart from this, aspirin can also be a major reason for getting bruises on the body, which most people use to thin the blood. If the blood becomes too thin, in this case, the hair starts to fall on the body. It can also be dangerous, so in this case, the use of these pills should be reduced or stopped on your doctor’s advice.

Blood diseases

The formation of bruises is directly related to blood problems. Due to certain blood diseases, indigo starts to form in the body. If, along with the formation of Nile marks on the body, the gums and nose are also bleeding frequently, and there is pain and swelling in the legs, then in the case of these symptoms. It is necessary to consult a hematologist immediately.

These symptoms can be caused by leukemia, which is a dangerous and life-threatening disease


Vitamins are the most important nutrients for our body. But sometimes, we fall victim to their deficiency and don’t even know it. For example, vitamin B12 is responsible for making blood in our body. At the same time, the vitamin is important in stopping blood flow. In contrast, vitamin C is responsible for building new tissues.

There is also a vitamin P that gives the blood vessels that strength. That the blood flow continues safely within it. Due to the lack of this vitamin, the blood vessels become weak. And due to their bursting, blue appears on the body

This vitamin is present in large amounts in apples, green tea and ginger

Disorders in the hormonal system

One of the main causes of nail marks on women’s skin can be hormonal disorders. For example, those women who are getting menopause due to ageing, being pregnant or using drugs for hormonal disorders. In all these cases, there is a decrease in the hormone level called estrogen in the body, which can lead to acne.

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