Saturday, April 20, 2024

Apricot Kernel: Disadvantages and Risks You Shouldn’t Ignore

Apricot is one of the most delicious summer fruits found everywhere in Pakistan. Apricot has many benefits and generates new blood, but some people break the Kernel inside and eat it after eating it.

Children especially feel the taste of apricot Kernel like almonds. So they break the hard shell with their teeth and eat apricot Kernel as almonds, and even parents do not stop children from thinking that it is almond. It is a natural product and will not cause any damage. A hypothesis regarding apricot Kernel is also quite common, which we are presenting below with an explanation

Apricot kernel and cancer

There is a widespread misconception that apricot seeds aid in cancer treatment due to the presence of a component called amygdalin, also known as vitamin B17. As it is a natural substance, it is often believed that consuming it poses no harm. However, this assumption is incorrect and can be detrimental.

Apricot kernel are poisonous

The presence of a compound known as amygdalin in apricot kernels can lead to the formation of cyanide poison within the body. Ingesting an excessive quantity of this compound can result in fatal consequences. Even consuming a minute quantity can induce symptoms such as vomiting, fluctuations in blood pressure, dizziness, and the potential for arteriosclerosis. These adverse effects can cause significant harm.

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