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A Successful Marriage? Bad habits that can destroy your marriage

Marriage is a wonderful journey, filled with love and life companionship. However, this journey is not always smooth. Several bad habits can creep into your relationship, threatening the success of your marriage. Let’s explore some of these detrimental practices.

Lack of Communication

In the realm of marriage, communication plays a crucial role. Sadly, an absence of open and honest exchange can slowly chip away at your relationship’s foundation. Did you know that lack of communication often tops the list of reasons for divorce?

Financial Dishonesty

Money matters and financial dishonesty make it among the leading bad habits in a marriage. To preserve a successful marriage, transparency is key. Secrecy about finances can break trust and cause resentment.

Avoiding Conflict

While it sounds beneficial, avoiding conflict is another negative habit. Sweeping issues under the rug is not the answer. Instead of running from confrontation, tackle it head-on. This process promotes growth and understanding.


A successful marriage calls for loyalty. Betrayal in any form can wreck the bond of trust built over years, often to a point of no return.

Taking Each Other for Granted

Remember how you cherished each other’s company in early days? Keep that spark alive by showing appreciation. Taking your partner for granted can cause feelings of dissatisfaction and loneliness.

To foster a successful marriage and avoid these bad habits, it’s essential to communicate effectively, be honest about finances, not avoid conflicts, stay loyal, and cherish each other’s company.

Applying these steps doesn’t guarantee a problem-free marriage, but it certainly sets you up for a more harmonious and fulfilling one. For more detailed advice on maintaining a successful marriage, consider seeking help from a professional marriage counselor.

Remember, a successful marriage is not about perfection, but the ability to navigate through the ups and downs with understanding and love. Just like Rome, it can’t be built in a day but will stand strong if constructed carefully. So, kick out those bad habits that can destroy your marriage and invest your heart into building a relationship that lasts.

Having a lasting and successful marriage is possible. Don’t let bad habits get in your way. Celebrate the joys of love every day and be the power couple you always envisioned. Act now!

By updating your relationship toolkit and avoiding these common pitfalls, you can contribute to a more successful and fulfilling union. After all, marriage is less about ‘happy ever after’, and more about navigating life’s storms together.

Williams Shakespeare rightly said, “The course of true love never did run smooth”. So, roll your sleeves up and put the work in for a successful marriage. Bad habits can seem formidable, but remember, together, you are stronger!


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