Thursday, June 13, 2024

This hotel will pay 3500 dollars for 10 days stay – Hotel Influenza

Located in St. Louis, Missouri, Hotel Influenza is a cutting-edge medical research facility allowing volunteers to experience a simulated influenza outbreak safely. The Saint Louis University Center for Vaccine Development manages the hotel and is devoted to researching infectious diseases and creating new vaccines.

The hotel has cosy rooms, public spaces, and eating options to replicate a real hotel setting. However, it also has specialist medical equipment and employees that keep track of volunteers’ health and provide care as necessary.

Adults in good health who volunteer for hotel influenza research are normally infected with a little amount of a particular strain of the flu virus. This enables scientists to study the virus and create fresh medications and vaccinations.

To stop the virus from spreading outside the facility, participants are normally confined at the hotel for roughly 10 days and must follow stringent isolation rules. They have routine medical examinations and have their symptoms watched for during their stay.

Even though participating in a Hotel Influenza study may not be for everyone, it offers a special chance for people to support critical medical research and accelerate the creation of novel flu treatments and vaccines.

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