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A child’s perspective on living in a village

Many families decide to live in a town because it is quieter. After all, it is full of nature and even more scenic, because it is cheaper than living in the city center. The advantages of living in a town seem apparent, but when you have a child who has to study and teach in the area’s schools, does it have advantages or disadvantages? Or maybe both?

Some people decide to live in cities because they think they are safer than cities, but it is also true that there are people who prefer to live in cities. The reality is that this is a very personal decision that should be made as a family, thinking about the pros and cons of living in a city. If you like living in a town, explore the pros and cons of living in the countryside for kids.

Advantages and disadvantages of living in a village for children in Urdu:-

Advantages of living in a village

As with everything in life, living in a city can have significant advantages, and these should be taken into account so that you can decide where you will live best with your family and children. Life in villages is rural life, full of nature and well-being. Many children desire to enjoy nature; life is more natural and healthy than city life which can be more polluted.

Some of the benefits:

The town has a relaxed atmosphere and is easier to live in than the city.

Life in villages allows children to be close to nature and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

They will be able to breathe cleaner air than the cities.

People who live more active lives and have healthier lifestyle habits will have better health than those who live in cities.

City life offers peace and tranquility, opportunities for reflection, and mental growth, which is impossible in stressful city life.

  An abundance of trees and plants supports a healthy environment, so your children can grow up with better physical health and inner strength, which might not be easy to achieve in the city.

Children will spend more time outside playing without the dangers of cities.

Settlements, as you can see, have many benefits at the health level, since being more connected to nature, young children can enjoy it more, and it can enjoy the good things for them.

Disadvantages of living in towns

But living in villages is not so beautiful, and they can also have huge disadvantages. If you want to live in a town or, conversely, you want to move to a city to raise your children, these disadvantages may make you suspicious. Following are some of the apparent drawbacks of living in a town.

There are not so many amenities in city life

Even in villages, opportunities are very few

If you don’t have acquaintances in a city, there may be a lack of job opportunities or success

Some educational benefits

Worse or lower-quality job opportunities

Life in a town can be boring

There may be deeply rooted or traditional traditions that you don’t fully share or feel fully identified with.

In villages, there are usually more prejudices and criticisms among people

Many people in the villages affected the lives of others because they had a lot of time

Cities generally have more children and older people than cities

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