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Ecotourism’s role in economic development

Ecotourism is an environmentally friendly way of promoting tourism. The world is under the influence of climate change and is looking for a way out. Recently, the United States and China have negotiated deadlines to make themselves completely carbon neutral; the Middle East Green Initiative Conference in Saudi Arabia and the COP 26 conference next month are the links in this series.

However, Pakistan is among the six countries most affected by climate change. However, perhaps more than any other country, Pakistan needs to take serious eco-friendly measures so that we can protect our future generations from the effects of climate change, protect our natural resources, and ensure their better use and sustainable tourism. It can increase, which can make the economic stability of our country possible.

Tourism culture in Pakistan ( Urdu )

Meaning of Ecotourism

With ecotourism, you can improve the quality of life of the local people and create many employment opportunities. The journey of the birth of tourism activities for people, along with creating opportunities for tourism promotion, should also take into account wildlife, natural resources, and landscapes.

The world after Corona

In the corona epidemic, the status quo had set up camps everywhere. Everyone in the world was imprisoned in their own four walls. This more than a year of the pandemic has taught us how great a blessing movement is. Research shows that due to restrictions on travel and tourism, animals have begun reclaiming their natural habitats, i.e., areas taken away from them due to human activities, and have regained their natural habitat. Start spreading the habitat. In this context, the research also shows a significant decrease in environmental pollution and emission of greenhouse gases due to the confinement of humans.

Eco-tourism and hospitality sector

Whenever people travel, they always need hotels for accommodation and food. In this regard, local people are inclined towards the hoteling business, which boosts the hospitality sector. In setting up hotels, people often overlook the importance of protecting natural biodiversity, preventing encroachment, and planning for hotels accordingly

Suppose we have to find a permanent solution to protect the environment in Pakistan. In that case, we must make it clear that the hospitality sector must be subject to environmental laws. Our cultural industry is also closely related to tourism.

Ecotourism and policy making

As far as climate change is concerned, the current government has done much to address it. Ever since the world got back on track after the Corona epidemic, tourism in Pakistan has also returned to its pre-Covid levels. There have been many attempts to ensure the future of ecotourism in Pakistan from anti-encroachment operations in Wadi Kaghan to regulating plastic use in Hunza, from the baleen tree tsunami to several plantation drives. In a similar vein, hunting is also a hobby enjoyed by local and international people alike. According to media reports, an integrated system has been implemented in this regard that has little impact on the local animal population. It is however important to use case studies from all over the world to gain a better understanding of how developed countries are benefiting from ecotourism and what developing countries can do in this regard.

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