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Burning Hands and Feet: Understanding the Causes and Simple Solutions

Your grandparents and even your parents frequently complain about their feet burning. Even though it could appear unrelated to anything, there are situations when it’s connected to a medical problem. Burning foot syndrome is another name for burning feet. Constantly warm feet are one of the symptoms, and this warmth may be uncomfortable.

Living with burning feet can be challenging, particularly if the discomfort and burning persist. However, you can obtain long-lasting relief if you understand what causes burning feet and how to cure them at home.

The reason why feet might burn:-

The most frequent reason for burning feet or burning in your feet might be nerve injury, which is frequently linked to diabetes. There are other options, though. Pain from burning feet can range from minor to severe and can be sudden or intense. Your feet might perhaps feel warm, tingly, or numb. Burning feet typically hurt the most at night.

Diabetes and foot burns: A Relationship
Diabetes has a condition called high blood sugar. Long-term high blood sugar levels can harm neurons and blood vessels. 50% of people with diabetes either have diabetic neuropathy or will develop it in the future. One of the most prevalent signs of diabetic neuropathy is burning feet.

  1. CMT, or Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease
    It is the most prevalent form of inherited neurological disorder. The condition has an impact on the muscles’ controlling nerves. Because it is a chronic condition, the symptoms progressively worsen. Two early signs include burning or pins and needles in the hands or feet.

2: Additional reasons for burning feet
Additional factors for burning feet include:



Infectious illness

Kidney disease

Arterial illness

Chemotherapy, athlete’s foot

Medications for burning feet
The underlying cause influences the therapy for burning feet. Treatment is frequently accessible. Foot burns are commonly treated with the following methods:

1: A prescription for an antifungal medication or a pair of supportive shoes for athlete’s foot

2: Thyroid and vitamin B supplements

However, you might need to change your diet or medicines if you have diabetes. The doctor may recommend medications to treat nerve pain. In addition to these treatments, you can use specific natural remedies to soothe burning, discomfort, and irritation in your foot.

Home Remedies for Foot Burn Relief

You can relieve pain and discomfort with a few home remedies. Following are the details of natural remedies for burning feet.

  Soak your feet in cold water to treat foot burns.

One of the most effective home remedies for foot burns is soaking the feet in cold water. Soak your feet in cold water for at least 15 minutes. This can help temporarily relieve the symptoms of burning foot syndrome.

Baths with Epsom salt
Numerous disorders are frequently treated with this salt. Magnesium sulfate-based Epsom salt is a naturally occurring material. For generations, many individuals have used it to ease the pain.

For burning foot syndrome treatment, combine it with cool water. You can soak your feet in water for 15–20 minutes. Both pain relief and foot cooling are benefits.

However, before having an Epsom salt bath if you have diabetes, you should talk to your doctor. This is because Epsom salt can harm a diabetic person’s foot.

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