Sunday, July 14, 2024

Ducky Bhai and Aroob Jatoi’s honeymoon clicks

Saad Al-Rahman, more commonly known by his alias Ducky Bhai, has garnered significant recognition among a substantial fraction of Pakistan’s populace as a digital pioneer who attained stardom in record time.

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Individuals had to make appearances on television to obtain notoriety within Pakistan and internationally in a bygone era. Nevertheless, the digital epoch has rendered conventional media obsolete, and innovators such as Ducky Bhai have successfully capitalized on this transformative era.
The stunning visuals of Ducky Bhai and Aruba Jatoi’s nuptial celebration have left their fans spellbound. Ducky Bhai’s notability first emerged with his wrestling videos, which he uploaded onto YouTube. He remained oblivious that his material would resonate so profoundly with Pakistani society and elevate him to the summit of stardom within a few months. Presently, he takes immense pride in the colossal number of subscribers to his YouTube channel, and his videos are the subject of heightened attention among his devotees.

Recently, Saad Al-Rahman, known popularly as Ducky Bhai, tied the knot with Aruba Jatoi in an opulent Lahore ceremony, significantly impacting social media platforms. The wedding was glorious, and considerable money was spent to make it memorable. Regrettably, in Pakistan, YouTubers are making more money than doctors and engineers, which is disturbing.

Subsequently, the happy couple commenced their wedding festivities. They started with a romantic trip to Dubai, a pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia, and a blissful vacation to Thailand’s illustrious Phi Phi Islands. Aruba Jatoi exhibited considerable thoughtfulness in sharing glimpses of her wedding night with her fans on various social media platforms.

Please continue reading below to locate the renowned Pakistani YouTube personality Ducky Bhai and his spouse, Aruba Jatoi, enjoying their honeymoon in Thailand.

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