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Hadiqa Kiani and her son touching moments

As one of Pakistan’s most well-known singers and hosts, Hadiqa Kayani is an actress, host, and singer. She has been singing professionally for many years and is spreading her music worldwide. And there’s no doubt that her music has pain and emotion.

Most people may not know it, but 48-year-old Pakistani singer and actor Hadiqa Kayani has been a divorcee once. It’s unclear why she divorced, but her husband was a famous businessman rather than someone in the showbiz industry. She divorced in 2008, and Hadiqa has not married any other person since then.

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Hadiqa Kayani’s son Naad Ali, however, was raised by Hadiqa Kayani after being separated from his parents after the 2005 earthquake after he was taken from the Edhi Foundation. Hadiqa Kayani adopted Naad Ali from Abdul Sattar Edhi, the head of the Edhi Foundation when he was only a few months old. Today, he turns 18 years old.

A surprising fact is that Hadiqa Kayani is rarely seen singing but occasionally appears in acting projects. Along with her work, she also actively participates in charity work and wants to help poor people generously. Recently, Hadiqa has actively contributed to flooding relief in Pakistan by supporting many people and building houses for them. His son Naad Ali stood by him and was seen to be doing a good job.

Here are some pictures of famous Pakistani singer and actress Hadiqa Kayani spending a memorable time with her son Naad Ali!

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