Saturday, July 13, 2024

Hareem Shah gets leaked online, viral

Pakistan’s famous Tik-Toker Hareem Shah has broken her silence on the indecent videos being leaked.

The immoral video of Pakistan’s famous Tik-Toker Hareem Shah has gone viral on social media, on which her reaction has also come out.

Hareem Shah blamed Sandal Khattak and Ayesha Naz for making the video viral, while she said both of them had stolen the footage from my mobile.

She said that no third party could leak this video, while at the same time, he also confirmed the authenticity of the viral video.

Tik Toker confirmed the video and said that these videos are personal from home; I have no personal enmity with anyone.

Hareem Shah also announced legal action against those who leaked the videos and said she would approach the FIA.

It should be noted that Hareem Shah’s controversial videos with her husband have gone viral before, for which she has faced much criticism from users.

The well-known Tik Toker got married to Bilal Shah a few months ago.

Fact behind Leaked video of Hareem Shah

However, to find out the truth behind the alleged leaked video of Hareem Shah, we did a reverse image search on Yandex Browser and found that the footage of Hareem Shah is actual. Still, the truth about who leaked it is unknown. Hareem Shah may have done this drama to make himself famous.

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