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Methods for training children in practical ways

What are the practical methods of child training? Parents and teachers need to know this. As a result, it has become clear that education is more than simply lecturing; it requires time-consuming, careful, patient, and continuous effort. And it requires an effective strategy. There are different ways of training children, which depend on each other and are also integral to each other.

Gradually they also have to shift from one to another as per the need and requirements of the time. It is necessary to test each of them individually according to the needs and conditions at hand. The following methods of practical training of children are of primary importance.

: Concern

Parental concern is the first stage of child training. Therefore, parents should feel this need and awaken the sense that education is a responsibility, duty, and condition of raising a child. Unless parents strongly instill this feeling in themselves. And don’t worry about fulfilling this duty. Until then, it is evident that this work is not possible. To highlight this feeling, the Holy Quran described the children as a test in Surah Taghaban and said: Anmaamwalakam Wawalakam Fitna (Al-Tagaban). “People! Your wealth and your children are a test for you.

Despite calling the children a trial, if the parents do not feel the responsibility of training their children, then God willing, the children will suffer in the life of this world. In contrast, in the life of the hereafter, it can lead to shame and arrest in the sight of Allah. To highlight this concern and feeling, in Surah Tahrim, Allah commanded the believers to be concerned about saving themselves and their families from the fire of Hell. This concern and realization become the basis of starting work.

In the absence of this feeling, the training process cannot begin. Many parents in the world do not know how to educate their children. And they think that their children will learn automatically when they grow up. However, this is a big scam.

It is said that necessity is the mother of invention. When a person feels hungry, so he rushes to food. A person reaches for water when the feeling of thirst starts waking up. It is equally important for parents to train their children, which is a huge responsibility. As a result of this responsibility, Allah gave parents those rights not provided to anyone other than the parents. Paradise was placed under the mother’s feet. She is kept as a result of lifting the training this time. However, the first step in children’s education is the parents’ concern and sense of responsibility.

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