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How to get rid of stomach problems?

Most people experience flatulence at some point in their lives, usually when the stomach feels full and tight, and the accumulation of gas in the oesophagus causes it to be more bloated than usual. It starts to look big, and it can also feel painful. Fluid accumulation in the body can also cause this, so first of all, it is necessary to know the reason for it, such as digestive system problems, i.e. constipation. Allergies or the body’s refusal to digest certain ingredients can cause flatulence. Consuming too many soft drinks, salt or sugar, while lack of fibre in the diet can also be the cause, but some common lifestyle factors can cause flatulence. Not only can it help control the problem, but quick relief is also possible.


Physical activity normalizes bowel movements, eliminating excess gas and waste.

Aids in bowel movements Normalizing bowel movements is essential for people with constipation. A short walk can provide quick relief from bloating and gas.

Abdominal Massage:

Abdominal massage can also be helpful in this regard. For this purpose, place your hand on the right hip bone and then massage in a circular motion up to the ribs on the right side and then to the upper abdomen on the left side. Massage up to the ribs, then slowly move to the left hip bone.


Certain yoga poses can help the abdominal muscles to expel excess gas in the oesophagus, which also reduces the problem of flatulence. A specialist can be consulted in this regard.

Bathe with warm water:

A warm water bath warms the stomach, reducing pressure so the oesophagus can work more efficiently, reducing flatulence.

Drinking more water:

Soda Carbonated drinks contain gas that accumulates in the stomach and uses carbon dioxide to make them, which causes bloating. Foods with sugar or artificial sweeteners also cause gas and bloating, so avoid these drinks. Giving water in place of it avoids all problems while getting relief from constipation is also possible.

Increase fibre intake:

Consuming more fibre helps prevent constipation and flatulence. Men are advised to get 38 grams of fibre daily, while women get 25 grams daily. Starting to eat more can cause more gas and bloat, so increase fibre intake gradually over a few weeks to allow the body to adjust.

Avoid excess salt:

As a result of overeating salt, water starts to accumulate in the body, which causes a feeling of bloating, but this problem can also appear in the hands and feet.

Avoid chewing gum:

Chewing gum also forces air into the stomach, potentially leading to bloating and gas.


Probiotics contain good and beneficial bacteria in the gut. Probiotic supplements can help regulate gut bacteria that can cause gas and bloat.

All Intervals in Meals:

Most people experience bloating after overeating, so it’s easy to avoid by spacing out meals and eating small amounts to help keep the digestive system moving.

  Swallowing food too quickly fills the oesophagus with air Drinking through a straw forces people to consume more air

  Which leads to gas and flatulence; people suffering from flatulence should avoid Quastra and make it a habit to eat slowly.

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