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Noman Ejaz with his wife in his old wedding pictures

Pakistan’s senior and famous actor Noman Ijaz has said that it takes a lot of time for a person to create their image in the world.

Noman Ijaz posted a picture of himself and senior actor Jawed Sheikh on Instagram. The photo was taken on the set of his talk show to be broadcast on a private TV channel.

A picture shared on Instagram shows Noman Ijaz wearing white, while Jawed Sheikh wears light blue.

There is a lot of happiness between these two legends of the showbiz industry in these pictures.

In his Instagram post, Noman Ijaz wrote: “A selfie lasts only a few

The actor wrote, “it takes time for a person to create his  image in the world, and it takes a lot of hard work.”

Noman Ijaz often wins the hearts of his fans by sharing interesting and meaningful posts on social media.

Rumors of the entry of Pakistan’s legendary actor Noman Ijaz’s eldest son into showbiz are rising.

Yesterday, in a famous fashion show in Pakistan, senior actor Noman Ijaz surprised everyone by walking the ramp with his eldest son, Zaviar Noman. Since this ramp walk, Zaviar Noman has become the talk of the town everywhere.

“This world thinks and speaks something; Noman Ijaz says something else.”

Multiple videos of Noman Ijaz and his eldest son’s ramp walk are being shared on social media. The video of their ramp walk has gone viral on social media, and people are talking about Zaviar’s potential in the entertainment industry. Aside from this, the article mentions that Noman Ijaz and his son appeared to be in a great mood after walking up the ramp. People on social media are now speculating whether Zaviar will also enter the showbiz industry like his father.

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